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If only being a writer meant you could sit before the blank page and write something beautiful every day over a fine cup of tea. Some days, we get to enjoy that, don’t we? The flow of inspiration, a sun-dappled keyboard, a chapter or poem leaping fully formed onto the page.

But other days… other days we have to sink our teeth into the business of writing. Sometimes that means balancing our creative desires with demands from other corners of our lives. Other times it’s the nitty gritty of the publishing process: the editing, the research, and horror of horrors, the marketing. Because if we want the words we write to become the words other people read, we have to make sure they get in front of readers. And that readers can find them, love them, and come back for more. Also? It helps us get paid.

That’s where Books, Marketing & More comes in. Think of this newsletter as a friendly voice distilling important writing, marketing, and industry topics so you don’t have to and offering you the encouragement you need to move forward in your creative endeavors.

I have over a decade of experience in publishing, marketing, publicity, and bookselling. I planned, executed, and marketed over 150 author events while working at an indie bookstore. I’ve worked with authors big and small, debut and veteran, and I’m an author myself. I’m also a parent and I know that sometimes the writing and the marketing have to take a back seat to the demands of family, health, and finances.

It can all seem incredibly daunting. Which is why I teach workshops, blog, newsletter, and generally social media post about these topics — to make the big, wide, world of book marketing and writing seem manageable, no matter where you are in your process.

In this newsletter, you’ll (usually!) find:

  • Tips and advice on book marketing and writing

  • Information about my courses and workshops

  • Links to vital writing/marketing resources

  • Publishing and book industry news

  • Interviews with marketing professionals, published authors, and book lovers

  • Threads for discussing book marketing and writing topics

  • A monthly tea/recipe recommendation!

You may also occasionally receive updates about my own writing/publishing journey and lists of my favorite things. And photos of my vaguely-tended garden.

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Writer, marketing coach, tea drinker. Former bookseller & event coordinator. Reader + writer of SFF for adults and teens. Instructor at Grub Street Inc. and elsewhere.