What are you reaching for? Thread

Saying “Happy New Year” right now feels complicated because what is a year? What is new anymore? So instead, I’ll say that I hope this season of transition is fruitful for you. In the December newsletter, I talked about reach, reaching readers and reaching for something as an act of hope and inspiration. So if you’re up for it in these final hours of 2020, what are you reaching for in the new year? Please share in the comments so we can cheer you on or just reach out with you.

Hope you have something relaxing planned for the evening and weekend. Feel free to share that too! I’ll be cooking up Sohla El-Waylly’s awesome one-skillet paprika chicken and rice and maybe good ol’ fashion chocolate chip cookies.

All the best,

Ps. It’s also your last chance to fill out this survey about Books, Marketing, & More (that’s this newsletter! you’re already reading it! so easy!) and start your year off right with the chance to win a $10 gift certificate to an indie bookstore!