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Did-do lists; speculative fiction media contacts; racism survey in publishing; writing contests; fun reading links and recommendations; new hires, retires, and troubles in the industry; + a berry tea.

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On Friday, a hashtag was trending on Twitter: #MyBrag, where one was challenged to share a personal brag with no hedging or backpedaling, just pure self-celebration.

I’m not sure about you, but this isn’t always something that’s easy for me. But especially for us creative types, it’s extra important to take stock of the accomplishments (no matter the size) that we can take pride in. Amongst my parent friends, we call this a ‘did-do’ list, listing the things we’ve done, rather than all the things we have left to do.

So take some time to celebrate your recent victories, big or small, and I encourage you to share, whether it’s on Twitter, in your own personal journal, or in the comments.

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What’s on your July “Did-Do” list? Here’s mine:

  • Made homemade Strawberry Ice cream for the first time with a fresh fruit swirl

  • Read THREE WHOLE BOOKS since my last newsletter: Cibola Burn by James S. A. Corey (re-read); Woman at the Edge of Time by Marge Percy; and The Light Brigade by Kameron Hurley

  • Received the nicest novel rejection yet from a senior editor, which included the phrase “Allison is an undeniably talented writer…”

  • Completed a year-long pandemic re-watch of all eight seasons of Psych

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And stay tuned for fall workshops, including a Marketing for Writers class on October 23rd!

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Summer Fun

Reading Corner

Book Rec: The Light Brigade by Kameron Hurley

The Light Brigade is a highly readable, brutal, intricate, military sci-fi that takes an intense look at war and who benefits, heroism, and power structures. Set on a future Earth where corporations have supplanted governments, recruits in the war against Mars are turned into light to be sent between worlds and battlefronts. But some soldiers, our protagonist Deitz included, come back changed. And the version of war they see is different from everything they thought they knew.

I’m not the only one with book recs this summer; Obama’s list has something for every kind of reader too! What’s on your summer reading list?

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My most recent tea acquisition: Rishi’s Blueberry Hibiscus, which turns from blue to purple to ruby red when you pour over the hot water. Fruity and zingy, it’s all organic herbal tea and dried fruit. A quenching summer drink hot or iced!

Happy writing!

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