I just received my pre-order of Shannon Chakraborty's THE ADVENTURE OF AMINA AL-SIRAFI which I am extremely excited to dig into!

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Mar 3, 2023Liked by Allison Pottern Hoch

If you like laugh-out-loud stories about science, friendship and kids being kids, I think you will enjoy my debut middle grade novel, CONTROL FREAKS.

CONTROL FREAKS received a starred review from Booklist. It's available for pre-order now and will be published in June.

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Mar 4, 2023Liked by Allison Pottern Hoch

This new release-- As Far as You Can Go Before You Have to Come Back: A Novel by Alle C. Hall-- has gotten great advance reviews and praise. I haven't read it, but I'm intrigued. My debut memoir-- Growth: A Mother, Her Son, and the Brain Tumor They Survived--will be released on May 2, and I'm excited and exhausted!

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Mar 5, 2023Liked by Allison Pottern Hoch

My new release, THE LUCKY STARMAN by Colin Alexander was published Feb 13th. (I'm indie/self-pub.) This is the third Leif the Lucky novel and this one gives you hard science fiction in a post-apocalyptic setting. Is Leif really lucky?

Releases from big publishers I'm eagerly awaiting are: The Water Outlaws by SL Huang (August) and Alecto the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir (later this year).

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