May Mini-Edition: A new workshop! + my favorite things

What's getting me through this pandemic? Recipes, tea, books, and other small joys

Greetings writers & readers,

As many of you know, I was due to present at Grub Street Inc.’s The Muse & the Marketplace Conference back in April. I’ve attended and/or presented at this conference for several years now and it’s made a huge impact on my goal setting and confidence when it comes to my work, both as a writer and a marketing coach. I was crushed when the conference, along with everything else, was cancelled as we entered The Great Pause.

So I am thrilled to announce that the #Muse20 magic is going virtual! My amazing co-presenter Leah DeCesare (author of Forks, Knives, and Spoons) and I will be kicking off Grub Street’s Muse 2020 Seminar Series with our session and Q&A: What Booksellers Want Writers to Know” on June 2nd at 7pm via Zoom. We’ll be talking about marketing, bookselling, supporting bookstores, events (IRL and virtual), and much more.

The best part? Registration is not limited to original Muse attendees and the seminars are a la carte, so pick the ones that inspire you the most! More will be scheduled throughout the summer months.

We’re all trying to find ways to make the best of this time. In that spirit, below are some of my favorite distractions right now. Please share your own faves in the comments!

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Allison has happily made books her life’s work. She spent four years marketing and publicizing academic titles at The MIT Press before she went to work for Wellesley Books as a children’s bookseller and event coordinator. She is now living her dream: putting her B.A. in Creative Writing to good use as a novelist and as a writing/marketing coach for authors. She enjoys science fiction, cupcakes, and a hot cup of tea.