July Mini-Edition: Workshops & Simple Joys

Workshops on world-building, parenting, and marketing + the small things getting me through the heat of summer

Greetings writers & readers,

First off, welcome new subscribers! This particular edition of the newsletter is a little different from my standard one; I want to give you a heads up on the workshops I have planned for August. I am in the wonderful (but slightly stressful!) position of teaching three workshops in the same week. All different! All interesting! All online! And all emblematic of what this newsletter is all about.

{If you’re patient with me describing each of them to you, you’ll then be rewarded with a list of my go-to books, recipes, and simple joys right now (and you don’t want to miss the chickens)!}


Grub Street Inc. has asked me to revisit two classes this month. The first is “Part of Your World: Character-Focused World-building in YA”. I love this class because we talk about how character building is world-building through voice, language, and point-of-view. We do writing exercises, read cool openings to YA novels, and share LOTS of book recs. Applicable to any genre of YA (and even for other age groups, though our focus will be on young adult stylings).


If you haven’t caught my Marketing for Writers seminar yet, here’s another online opportunity, this time through Maine Writer’s and Publisher’s Alliance. “Marketing for Writers: A Business Seminar is a slightly longer version of my usual class. We’ll talk marketing at all levels of publishing, and have extra time to dig into personal marketing and the nuts-and-bolts of being a working writer.


Writing Like a Parent, Parenting Like a Writer is near and dear to my heart because as a parent/writer, writer/parent myself, I can say with full authority: this sh!t is HARD. Especially with everything 2020 has thrown at us, demanding every last ounce of our parenting patience (and, when I’d argue, stories are needed most). How do we hold onto our sense of creative self? We’ll draw inspiration from other writers who’ve tackled these issues, share our own experiences, and brainstorm with (and commiserate and cheer on!) one another.

Upcoming Virtual Workshops:

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A few of my favorite things: Simple Joys

Keep reaching out and helping one another. Wear a mask. Support #BlackLivesMatter. Always happy to boost any projects, resources, or new books you’re working on!

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Allison has happily made books her life’s work. She spent four years marketing and publicizing academic titles at The MIT Press before she went to work for Wellesley Books as a children’s bookseller and event coordinator. She is now living her dream: putting her B.A. in Creative Writing to good use as a novelist and as a writing/marketing coach for authors. She enjoys science fiction, cupcakes, and a hot cup of tea.