GIVEAWAY: Book Moon Book Bundles!

Remember I said there’d be giveaways? It’s my birthday season and in true hobbit style, I come bearing gifts!

Small Beer Press is my favorite small press; I have loved so many of the books they’ve published (At the Mouth of the River of Bees! The Liminal People! Kalpa Imperial!) And a few years ago, their inimitable writer-editor-publishers Kelly Link and Gavin Grant opened an indie bookstore: Book Moon in Easthampton, MA.

Through their generosity, I have two beautiful Small Beer Press/Book Moon book bundles to give away, titles hand-picked by yours truly!

Photo features four books: Never Have I Ever, Interfictions, Half-Witch, and Fires Beneath the Sea
Subscribers Book Bundle: Witches & Wonders!

This bundle, which I’m affectionally calling Witches & Wonders, is available *exclusively* to subscribers, featuring:

The Fires Beneath the Sea by Lydia Millet
Half-Witch by John Schoffstall
Interfictions: An Anthology of Intersitial Writing ed. by Delia Sherman & Theodora Goss
Never Have I Ever: Stories by Isabel Yap

For a chance at this bundle, simply make sure you’re a subscriber, then leave a comment on this post with something you’ve learned from or liked about this newsletter by 9/22/21. If you need a refresher, check out the archives!

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The other bundle (Secrets & Superheroes!) is a Twitter giveaway, but you can get in on that too! Just fly on over to that bird app and follow/retweet to be part of the fun.

A fan of books, the top one is The Entropy of Bones, the others are out of focus
Secrets, Superheroes, Stories, oh my! It’s a Twitter Book Bundle!