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Greetings readers & writers,

My sister coaxed me into a lovely little shop and asked me to pick out an early birthday present. I fell for a series of pewter animals. “Which calls to you?” she asked. I picked this little tortoise. Because she seemed to whisper to me slow and steady wins the race.

I’ve always been slow. In primary school, it was an issue teachers brought up: I’d be the last to line up; the last to turn in assignments; the last to finish changing before or after gym. This comes from equal parts daydreaming, procrastination, perfectionism, and frankly, just being a slow walker. I’m still often the last to arrive; the last to order at a restaurant; the last one out the door.

The last one in my writing group to still be unpublished.

A creative career is a marathon, not a sprint. Running in general has never been my strong suit (see “slow walker” above), so I’m not sure why I assumed my writing style would be any different. Seven or eight drafts to a “finished” novel and I’ve come to accept that my approach requires a longer warm up period than most. But once I’m in a project, I can move along at a steady clip. And that the writing is better for it.

Being at the back of the pack doesn’t mean laziness or incompetence. It means keeping an eye on who and what’s ahead. Taking the time to observe, learn, and support where needed (and recognize where I may need support in the future).

Slow and steady.

I’ve been trying to embrace this mentality this summer. To slow down. To actually read books again, to write as play, to let myself work on something until I’m satisfied, or choose to play with my kids or go for a walk instead. I’ve been fortunate to have the last few weeks of summer to regain some steadiness before the school year and workshops and deadlines return in full force.

We’re enjoying the last days of summer at a small lake. My family wants to go down to the dock and I usher them on ahead while I take my time changing, packing snacks, grabbing hats and towels they forgot in their rush. By the time I make it down to the lake, they’re specks in kayaks out on the water. When they get back they’ll wonder where their water bottles are or their goggles and I’ll have them. Until then, I have the dock, my writing, and a good book all to myself.

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NPR’s Book Summer Poll was right up my alley: 50 Favorite Sci-Fi And Fantasy Books Of The Past Decade. I’ve read about half the titles/series on this list and am re-reading The Expanse as we speak! See any old favorites or intriguing new reads?

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Happy writing!

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